About TABS

Established in 1982, with a farm business management focus, TABS provides management consulting services for all kinds of small- and medium sized businesses. If the job involves paperwork, then TABS can probably help you. Services include record keeping, accounting, payroll processing, loan applications, business planning, tax planning and reporting, and business ownership transfers.

If you are considering starting a new business, investing in an existing business, taking out a business loan, expanding your business, or transferring the ownership of your business to the next generation, then your first step is to visit TABS in Albany, MN. The staff at TABS has the experience and resources to help you gather and organize the information you need to get your task done quickly and efficiently.



For farms and small businesses, TABS offers a monthly records bureau service to help you keep up-to-date with bills and invoices. TABS payroll service will prepare all your payroll checks plus make your monthly federal and state payroll tax deposits and file your quarterly payroll tax reports for you. "Understanding the numbers is the key to success in any business," says Jim Kastanek, owner of TABS, "and that's especially important in agriculture where costs continue to rise faster than revenues. If our customers have good records, we can help them determine which activities within their businesses are most profitable, which are least profitable, and where management should focus its time and energy for most potential benefit." Call us to set up an appointment to discuss how TABS can help you achieve your business goals.

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